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Monday, February 08, 2021 | 1 New Feature Added

Module: Separation and Hiring

1. Separation Request Approver will now have an option to create a hiring request to replace the resigning employee

In the EmployWise Separation Module, when a separation request is created by an employee and the approval workflow is triggered for the same, all levels of approvers can now create a Replacement Hiring Request for the separating employee directly from the separation request approval screen.

This will enable the approving authority to smoothly transit to the hiring module and create an RFR (request for recruitment) for the employee separating from his/her team. The recruitment type will be selected for a replacement position for the separating employee by default by clicking on the ‘Create a Hiring Request’ link from the separation page.

Some of the prerequisites to the above functionality are; both modules should be subscribed to the account, the separation request approver should have the rights to create an RFR for the role of the separating employee and there should not be an existing recruitment request for that particular employee already created in the system.

The link to create the hiring request will be available to all separation request approvers at the bottom of the Separation Request screen.

It is available to all customers using the EmployWise Hiring and Separation module, please get in touch with the support team for further details.


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Monday, November 26, 2018 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Employee Hiring

1. Additional Stage of Document Submission before offer creation in Hiring

What is the need?

Before generating offer letter, companies want to verify basic documents before proceeding like Last company salary slips, compensation structure, Graduation marksheets etc.
Hence there is a need for capturing such documents before generating an offer letter.


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Monday, Jun 18, 2018 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Employee Hiring

1. Resumes Parsing for better job apply process

What is the change?
The system will automatically parse the resume and basis on the resume system will automatically fill remaining information of the candidate from the CV.


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Monday, Jun 18, 2018 | 3 New Features Added.

Module: Leave & Attendance

1. Late coming penality Enhancement

What is the need?

There are various cases where employee's Late Coming Penalty is wrongly computed because of previous days attendance changes like an employee was late for three days as per shift timings and 4th-day system marked late coming penalty. Now employee regularized his/ her attendance for day 2 then all of the future late comings should be adjusted accordingly.

What has been changed:
Now we have created a program which always assesses employee's current month attendance and late coming and based on that update employee's late coming penalty. This process will make sure that no employee gets penalized because of wrong computation.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

2. Ptax Tamilnadu (Chennai) slab change

As per new notification, P Tax rate has been changed for Tamilnadu (Chennai).
Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

Six Months Income - Tax Rate WEF. 1-Apr-2018
Up to Rs. 21,000 - Nil
Rs. 21,001 to 30,000 - Rs. 135 for six months
Rs. 30,001 to 45,000 - Rs. 315 for six months
Rs. 45,001 to 60,000 - Rs. 690 for six months
Rs. 60,001 to 75,000 - Rs. 1,025 for six months
Rs. 75,001 and above - Rs. 1,250 for six months

Module: Employee Hiring

2. Resumes submitted by HR - option of capturing source of resume

What is the change?
HR can submit resume against any RFR and currently system capture these resume sources as “HR”.
We have enhanced this functionality and have started capturing actual sources in such cases.


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Monday, May 28, 2018 | 6 New Features Added.

Module: Employee Hiring

1. Tags in Hiring Event

What has been done?

Employwise gives the flexibility to define email content for each action which sends a notification to the receiver.
We have added relevant tags which allows HR to add in the email template and the notification data gives more contextual information in the email.

2. Consultant Search

What has been done?

While publishing a job on the portal and HR wish to share this job with selected consultant then it was a little complex task. Now we have introduced a feature of searching consultant. This helps HR in multiple selection of consultants without going to next screen.

3. Additional Stage of Document Submission before offer creation in Hiring

What is the need?

Before generating offer letter, companies want to verify basic documents before proceeding like Last company salary slips, compensation structure, Graduation mark sheets etc.
Hence there is a need for capturing such documents before generating an offer letter.

What are the changes?

We have introduced a functionality which allows HR to define a stage before Make Offer. This stage is called "Document Submission" Stage. HR can define the different category and can capture various documents at this stage.
Stage Owner would also be able to Verify these documents and in case of any issues, documents can be returned to the candidate back.
Once all of the required documents are verified then the only candidate can be moved to the next stage.

4. Enhancement in the RFR applicant details report

Additional fields have been added:
1. Last CTC
2. Offer Band

This data will be used to check that what is the compa ratio and what should be offered to the candidate and it there is any deviation then it should be visible upfront.

Offer Band will show the following Values as follows:

If compa Ratio is 95 to 105 %, it will be Mean
If compa Ratio is below 95 %, it will be Low
If compa Ratio is above 105%, it will be High

Module: Employee Information Portal

5. Welcome Email enhancements

1. Employee Email id tag has been added.
2. Character Limit to Welcome Email template has been increased to 2000 characters now.

6. Enable capability of including Logo Tag in letter templates

Now, while generating letters, clients can now add Company Logo Tag as well which can be printed.



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Monday, May 14, 2018 | 2 New Features Added.

Module: Mobile

1. Help Desk Feature launched in Mobile App

Now, the employee can raise an issue to EmployWise Support team right from App.


1. Update the Android / iOS app from the respective store.
2. Login with your credentials.
3. You will find an option in the left menu and top bar "Raise an issue".
4. A form will appear and you need to submit your issue to the team and our customer support team will care about these issues.

Module: Employee Hiring

2. Resume Parsing


Resume of any candidate can be submitted by candidate itself or by HR. Once Resume gets uploaded, candidate / HR needs to fill other mandatory fields manually. Now we have simplified this process. Once resume gets uploaded, The system will parse the resume and all possible fields available in the form will get auto-filled from the resume. Now HR/Candidate just need to verify the details and click on Submit.


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Information is power. Historically, the balance of power between employers and candidates has favored employers. Candidates had few sources of information about open positions, corporate culture or company vision, let alone compensation and benefits.

Today internet has become indispensable in recruitment across the globe. Employers and potential employees alike use the internet to meet one another directly or through an agency. Traditionally employers and candidates meet one another and conclude if there is a fitment. However, in today’s time, candidates rely on information available publicly as well as what they gather through their contacts and the social media. Candidates have access to a lot of information other than what they learn during an interview. How does this impact talent acquisition?

Crafting a communication is a skill of high order. Done well, this helps a company tremendously in building an image that creates curiosity in the minds of potential candidates.

However, this is easier said than done. There starts several action steps such as applying for a job, receiving feedback, various communication through various stages of the selection process, the visits and contacts during the entire process till the person successfully comes on board.


Social Media - Ex-employees and current employees of the organization express their views about working in a firm. Candidates who attend interviews with a potential employer talk about their experience. The social media and the search engines have made things easy for broadcasting these moments of truth all over. Companies do invest huge energies to communicate who they are, what kind of talent they are looking for and build an image that describes them as an employer.

One cannot escape from the fact that there are grapevines within an organization and some disgruntled souls who are out there. The team has to be alert and proactive in warding off the evil eye. And at the same time, one needs to be fast enough to attend to the mistakes and failures; recover the lost ground. There should be no let up in one’s efforts to spread the positive news that takes place in different parts of the organization.

Today’s well-informed candidates form their opinions looking at various such intimations, undertones and nuances. So, the employer organization has to be fast enough and hitting the bull’s eye consistently.

Match up - Life is fast today : decisions are being taken faster than ever before; thinking through is often understood as procrastination and viewed with despise. Organizations have to keep pace with the likes of their target audience. The cycle times are coming down in every aspect of our life. So, it is natural that candidates expect quick answer, the interviewers need more choice and the jobseekers have access to several opportunities at the same time.

Expectations are mutual and dynamic in a relationship between the employer brand and the talent pool. Hence, it is important that a winning organization keeps a tab on the trends in the talent market and makes adjustments in its actions on a regular basis.

The rise of well-informed candidates has made life simple for the Talent acquisition specialists and HR leaders in many ways. They get an enviable advantage if they tune in to the signals in the market with respect to their employer brand and make course-corrections. This calls for agility and rigorous execution! 93% of today’s job seekers want to be thorough and informed about all aspects of a company before accepting an offer

Companies have become increasingly active in sharing information about their mission, vision and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. This comes at a time when more businesses and candidates seek to align themselves with organizations that share a common point-of-view and commitment to these important areas.

Globally, 32 percent of candidates report having information about their potential employer’s corporate mission/ vision at the earliest stages of the job search process. In Conclusion, Organizations should seek to harness the power of the well-informed candidate as a competitive advantage in today’s global search for the best talent.

We at Employwise help you with such initiatives in becoming an evolved and vibrant work place by breaking the functional silos and engaging across all levels of people and hierarchy !

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“Right fit, right time, right place.”

So many times we have heard of this.

Getting a person on board is no mean joke at all, so much of thought, psychometric processes, behavioral interviews etc involved in arriving at “the probable star”.

“People are our greatest assets” is an oft quoted statement, however HR departments across are dealing with rationalization issues.

The ultimate objective is one of matching or fitting employee abilities to enterprise.

It seems like organizations have to get a lot of things ‘right’ in order to reap the benefits from this exercise.

Quite a paradox for HR !

Last few years have seen rapid technology changes with emergence of new disruptive at rates never seen before. To meet the growing demand of the company, optimization of manpower is done on a continuous basis with utmost care.

But is that what is actually done ?

Do requirements from employees evolve over time ?

Selected for “A” activity and performance appraised on “B” activity ?

Criteria best known to the organization.

Efforts by organizations on optimization of manpower through scientific forecasting, well defined manpower norms & their periodical review, balanced deployment & skill transformation through training, retraining & redeployment. The list is endless.

Restructuring is for variety of reasons such as cost pressures, aging workforce and approaching retirement wave, current and projected labour shortage and to meet growth targets.

company restructuring

Most workforce planning exercises may be triggered on account of two problem statements.

 1. Adoption of new technology, process redesign, role redesign and other miscellaneous changes in the environmental conditions.

 2. Organizations may need clarity on the total number of people it may want to hire/drop over short, medium and long term. This may facilitate the organizations to plan for the recruitment or separation activities.

The biggest challenge to workforce planning is for the leadership to believe that it is an organizational initiative and not an HR initiated. The leadership needs to be fully committed.

Thus with the organizations entering the new age of economic uncertainties, competing by capability maximization may become the new name of the game. Consequently organizations are expected to have a comprehensive cost strategy along with a well crafted revenue strategy. There may exist multiple avenues of optimization along the four dimensions of organizational framework- structure, workforce, processes and technology. Key examples in this regard may be process re-design for efficiency, technology up-gradation, workforce planning, role clarification, goals cascading, skill alignment, cross functional/departmental communication, organization de-layering and team based governance. The delivery models, stated below define the nature of interactions among the structure, workforce, processes and technology.

shared services model

outsourcing model

self service model

hybrid model

Implementation of these is a daunting task. Employees and organizations may have to deviate from their usual ways of working to new and unchartered ways of working.

Listing some of the most common components of a workforce plan:

  • Forecasting and assessment. Estimates, for example, of the internal/external supply and demand; labor costs; company growth rates; and company revenue.
  • Succession planning. Designating, for example, the progression plan for key positions.
  • Leadership development. high-potential employees; coaching; mentoring; rotating people into different projects.
  • Recruiting. Estimating needs for head count.
  • Retention. Forecasting turnover rates; identifying who is at risk and how to keep them.
  • Redeployment. Deciding who is eligible for redeployment, and from where to where.
  • Contingent workforce. Designating the percentage of employees who will be contingent, and in what positions.
  • Potential retirements. Figuring out who is eligible, when they are eligible, who will replace them, and what alternative work arrangements
  • Performance management. Culture of performance
  • Career path. Career counseling for employees to help them move up.
  • Backfills. Designating key-position backups.
  • Internal placement. Developing job-posting systems for internal employees
  • Environmental forecast. Forecasts of industry and environmental trends
  • Identifying job and competency needs. Doing a skills-and-interest inventory.
  • Metrics. Identifying metrics to determine the effectiveness of workforce planning.

Organizational restructuring may result in adding new positions, eliminating or reducing current positions, changing work assignments, modified reporting relationships for current employees, and more. EmployWise has the capability to efficiently accommodate and account for changing positions, priorities, programs, and processes thereby enhancing organizational effectiveness and addressing budget reduction. We can make organizational restructuring an easy task since as our teams have the expertise to develop and extend such capabilities to help organizations develop such robust practices with time-bound interventions.

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