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HumanresourcesIn a recent interview, DDI General Manager Simon Mitchellcommented that a high proportion of CEOs and board-level executives see HR as “the least strategic function” within an organization based upon a major survey conducted with a broad base of global leaders and HR executives.

HR’s organizational role has never been more critical. HR is the human capital driver of the business strategy.


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risk takerI tell HR Pros it is not our job to eliminate risk; it’s our job to advise about risk, then let our executives make choices based on that perceived risk, with our influence.

It sounds really good when I say it live! It sounds thought provoking and wise. People, take notes.

I might be wrong about all of it, though.


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future siteThese predictions came from PwC, the consulting firm that polled 10,000 people in the U.S., UK, Germany, India and China and over 500 HR managers across the world for this report.

Wisely hedging their bets to cover all possibilities, the consultants offer three scenarios for the future world of work they see for 2022.

  • Large corporations become mini-states with social roles;
  • Specialization promotes the rise of modular collaborative networks;
  • Business strategy follows social and environmental agendas
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SHRM CertificationSHRM’s recent certification announcement raises a relatively simple question but a more complex answer: What is the role of certification (vs. competence) in the development of a field?

Many, if not most, professions have some type of certification protocol. Attorneys pass a bar exam; psychologists are licensed after passing a standardized exam; “certified” public accountants (CPAs) pass a knowledge exam, etc. In all these cases, these licensing exams determine the extent to which an individual knows the basic knowledge in the profession.

Certification focuses on knowing the basics and the knowledge and earning the legitimacy to practice. However, certification does not mean competence.


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Self Sefvice PortalHR being the resourceful department first used employee self-service portals as a cost cutting method.  With the surge in technology, these SSPs are emerging as the new generation tools and proving to be contributors to productivity and greater employee satisfaction.


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HR LinkIt is not uncommon for business leaders to describe their H.R. departments as reactive, uncreative and lacking basic business understanding. This stems from H.R. teams measuring and focusing on things that don’t add true value to their organization, like speed of hire, percentage of completed performance reviews, number of managers trained. 

These are all good things to know, but none of them – on their own – help an organization grow or increase profits. 


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Splitting HRRam Charan writes that It’s Time to Split HR. He proposes two totally different units – one that handles “administration” which he says would be primarily compensation and  benefits. It would consist of “HR practitioners” and would report to the CFO.

The other would handle leadership and organization, report to the CEO, and be staffed by rotating high potential operational leaders.



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Optimized-New Office SpaceBeing the new person at a job is like being the new kid at school. 

Fortunately, you're older now, presumably wiser, and a lot more confident than you were as a bumbling teen. While every job environment is different, there are some hacks to adapting and fitting in from the start. Try out these 10 tips for new employees and make the transition as easy as possible.


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