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Monday, September 28, 2020 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel and Expense Module

1. Employee, manager and payer can now check attendance status in Conveyance Claims.

While creating, verifying or paying out a conveyance claim, the employee/ approver, verifier and payer can now check the attendance status of the employee for the conveyance expense date. This can be used to check whether the employee has marked their attendance or made an Out on Duty request for that day.

After entering the conveyance expense date, there is a link to check the attendance status of the employee for all the days for which the request has been made.

This feature is available to all using the Travel and Expense Module, if you need any more information about the same, please contact EmployWise Support.


2. Approvers, Verifiers and Payers can now see the expense claims of alumni employees

While viewing all expense claims, the Approver, Verifier and Payer can now see the expense claims of alumni employees.

In the View All Expenses option, there is a search filter for claimant name and now while searching on claimant name there is a checkbox for including Alumni in the search results. After selecting the checkbox, the expense claims for both active and alumni employees can be seen.

This feature is available to all using the Travel and Expense Module, if you need any more information about the same, please contact EmployWise Support.




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Monday, Jun 04, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Defaulting of SAC code for Stay in GST Layer

Business Need:
It has been observed and verified that for Stay cases there is only one valid SAC code that has been used - 996311. Hence it should not be required that the employee needs to fill this every time.

Any employee who is creating line item of Stay and entering valid GST details. In such cases, the system will by default populate SAC Code value as 996311. Although the employee can change this value before submission. No impact on existing suggestion feature.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

2. Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Act Salary Changes w.e.f. 14/03/2018

There has been a change in minimum wage/standard salary for applicability of LWF deduction and contribution for Tamil Nadu state. It has been changed from Rs 3500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f. 14/03/2018.


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Monday, Mar 26, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. UX improvements in Expense Claims (Capturing GST Information)

Below mentioned changes have been made in the screen where GST information gets captured.

1. IGST fields are disabled whenever any employee claims for Stay Head.
2. Beneficiary Details will be prefilled of the same state on the basis of Vendor GSTIN State code.
3. The system will capture the data mapping and smartly show GSTIN suggestions for capturing GSTIN data.
4. Similarly, SAC codes will appear based on the last usages by the employee.

Module: Mobile

2. Android Release Version - 1.1.42

Key Updates -
1. Update Travel Request
2. Out on Work approval screen improved with more details
3. Fast list loading in my request section
4. UI Enhancements
5. Bug Fixes

Download iOS App - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/employwise/id1191418553
Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise


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Monday, Mar 19, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Smart Search for Cities

We have made an account specific list of cities which will give the employee a limited set option in search and which will be more accurate as per account's need. Still, Global Search can be performed if no results found in the limited search.

What are the changes:
1. Account specific cities list can be created.
2. Whenever any employee search any city then system will first filter out cities from this list and if no result found then the system will search cities from the Global City Master.
3. Improving suggestions based on user stats. Now system smartly suggest cities list automatically based on last cities selected during the trips. This will enhance user experience and improve usability.

Module: Employee Information Portal

2. Capture one-time feedback from employees

We have made some enhancements in this section where employees get a notification with the link for filling a feedback form. Clicking on this link, employee redirects to a screen in EmployWise where he/she can fill the form and submit.

In the upcoming release, we are planning to introduce setup of feedback form and reports from the front end as well.


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Monday, Dec 18, 2017 | 5 New Features Added.

Module: Payroll and Taxation

1. Triggering mechanism changes for Flexi in new FY

What is the change?
In case of FY change below mentioned additional automated steps will be performed by the system.
1. Deactivate last FY flexi submission on New FY start.
2. Defaulting of last FY flexi as per new plan into new FY.
3. Auto submission of flexi post crossing defined flexi window.

2. Tax proof Verifier can now reopen Verified Declarations line item.

What is the change?
Whenever any employee submits proofs for any tax declaration item, Verifier gets an option for verifying the line item. It has been noticed and has got a feedback that there are several instances when Verifier wishes to re-open such declaration line items. Hence we have introduced a feature for Reopen verified line items.

Once any line item gets verified, Verifier will get an option called "Re-Open". Clicking on this, a confirmation will be taken from the Verifier and Line-item will again roll back to "Pending Verification" State. Now verifier can take action again like Return, Verify.

Module: Leave and Attendance

3. Auto Approval of leave request after x days

It happens quite often when employees are performing their action on time (applying leave request) but managers are not taking action within the defined time frame (approving leave request) and which is directly impacting other modules like payroll.

Hence there is a need that if managers are not approving leaves within x days then such leaves must get auto approved.

Module: Travel and Expense

4. Account Verifier can delegate or Refer the specific case to any other employee within the account.

This feature has been built to solve the purpose when system defined Accounts approver is not able to approve any claim and requires additional help from someone within the organization. Hence Accounts Approver can use an option of "Refer".

How to use this?
1. Login as Account Approver.
2. Visit Caim Screen which you want to refer.
3. Click on the Button "Refer" at the end of the page.
4. Search employee from account to whom you wish to refer.
5. Enter mandatory comments.
6. Post Refer, Referee would be able to take all the action which only accounts approver can take.

Module: Employee Separation

5. Inclusion of Resignation Date in Notice Period Calculation

There are some companies which include resignation date in notice period calculation hence we have made it configurable that resignation date needs to be included or not in notice period calculation.


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Monday, Nov 27, 2017 | 4 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. An additional option of Refer has been introduced at accounts verification step in Expense Claim.

Once the claim has been approved as per defined workflow and verification step comes in the picture then there is a need that Verifier is not in a situation to verify or return the claim to the employee. In this scenario, Verifier would be able to refer this case to any other employee and a new employee who has been referred can take further action in the system.

Where can I see this change?
1. Login as Account Verifier.
2. Go to Expense > All Expense Claims > Need to Act
3. Open any claim line item.
4. You will find an option of Refer at the bottom.
5. Clicking on this button, Verifier needs to search an employee and enter a mandatory comment and refer.
6. The system will post this Verification step to the new employee and that employee would be able to take further action in such cases.

2. Invoice Number Field is Mandatory in GST Layer.

While capturing GST Details it was required to make this field mandatory.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

3. Update computation logic of ESIC & P. tax in F&F.

What is the change?
1. If FnF is getting processed after the month in which employee got separated.
- The system will not process ESIC.

2. F&F after separation month
- States with Annual Computation
The system will deduct the residual amount of P. tax same as Separation month payroll or March Payroll.
Residual Amount = Annual Deduction as per slab - Total deducted till now

- States with Monthly Computation
The system will deduct the monthly amount of P. tax same as Separation month payroll or March Payroll.

Module: Leave & Attendance

4. Capturing Geo Location of Employee while Marking In / Out from Mobile App

There is a need when the company wants to capture employee's Mark in and Mark Out location. Hence we have introduced this feature which captures location of an employee while Marking In and Marking Out.

How does this work?
1. The employee needs to install Android/iOS application of EmployWise from below mentioned links. 
Download iOS App - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/employwise/id1191418553
Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise

2. Give Permission for Location Access to the App.
- If an employee doesn't give permission then location would not be captured.
- Calendar will show a message - "Location services not enabled"

3. Turn GPS on always before Marking Attendance On / Off. 
- If an employee doesn't turn GPS on while Marking in / out then location would not be captured.
- Calendar will show a message - "Location service switched off"

4. If an employee gives permission and turns GPS on while marking in / out.
- The calendar will show Location from where attendance was marked.

5. If an employee is marking in/ out from other sources like - BioMetric, Web, Past Attendance, Out on Duty, Etc.
- The calendar will not show any location.

Currently, Location can be seen in employee calendar on the website and we will be making it available in Mobile apps soon.


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Monday, Sep 04, 2017 | 5 New Features Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Expense Eligibility & Applicability added in Local Mileage Claims

Below additional options have been built in Local Mileage Claims.

1. Defining Per Day Max Limit of Mileage
2. Defining Per Day Max Limit of Amounts to be claimed
3. Introduced applicability option for defining new rules like Company, BY, Function, Employee Type, Role, and Grade.

How to make changes?

1. Login as Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Travel & Expense > Conveyance Claims
3. General Settings & Entitlements
4. Admin can create multiple rules (Applicability & Entitlements) as per company policy. 


2. Option of marking local mileage claims as Client or Nonclient

What has been done?

Whenever any employee creates any local mileage claim then Admin can enable below options while creating Local Mileage Claim.
1. Travel was for Client or Nonclient.
2. If it was for Client then the Employee need to define "Account" and "Project".

Hence in each line item, it can be captured that the employee has traveled for which client and project.


3. Capturing GST Details in Claims

We have made significant changes in Travel Claim Process where we capture GST details while creating Travel Claim.

What has changed?

1. UX improvements
2. All GST information at a single place.
3. Option of capturing different bills.
   (A) Bill is not in company's name.
   (B) No GST has been charged.
   (C) Vendor GSTIN Information
   (D) Beneficiary Company GSTIN
   (E) CGST/SGST/IGST Details

This change will be rolled out for local mileage claims and other claims too.


Module: Payroll & Taxation

4. Restrictions to be enabled post employee's F&F completion


Employee's computation gets changed when HR make any changes (Attendance, Declarations etc) post employee's F&F.

Below options will not be available for HR post F&F completion of any employee:

1. Compensation changes not allowed.
2. Declarations can't be changed.
3. Statutory changes not allowed.


5. Bulk selection of users while running the payroll

In some cases, the HR needs to select only a few employees whose payroll needs to be processed out of all the employees. Previously it was very difficult as the HR was required to go page by page and search employees.

Now we have made this process very easy. HR can directly upload an excel sheet with employee codes whose payroll needs to be processed.
Post completion of this step these employees will appear as selected on the screen.


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Monday, Jul 10, 2017 | 3 New Features Added.

Module: Mobile

1. EmployWise Android App Release (Ver 1.1.29)

Key Updates:
1. UI Enhancements
2. My Calendar Enhancements
3. Bug Fixes

Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise

Screenshot 20170711 132555 Screenshot 20170711 132602 Screenshot 20170711 132611 Screenshot 20170711 132635  

Module: Leave & Attendance

2. Notification mechanism for employees about lapsing leaves at the end of leave year.

Currently, employees get to know about lapsing leaves post actual lapsing of the leaves. We have built this feature so that employees can be notified well in advance before leaves get lapsed.

How To Steps:
1. Login in Employwise.
2. Go to Leave > Leave Balances
3. Employee would be able to see one additional column at the end "Balance will lapse at year-end"
4. This will show the balance which is expected to lapse at the end to leave year if the employee doesn't take any leave.


Module: Travel & Expense

3. Enhancement in Travel, Mileage & other claims related to GST handling

EmployWise is making more changes in the system for capturing GST details efficiently.

1. Making CGST, SGST & IGST and disabled if GSTIN not applicable option is selected by the employee.
2. Enabling of GST feature in Mileage Claims.
3. Approval screen changes - Approver can approve changes in amounts as per details entered by the employee.


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