The Product Software DNA - Part 1 - A “Junoon”

The Product Software DNA - Part 1 - A “Junoon”

Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00 Written by
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Everyone knows that building software products is different from the software services business. It takes a different kind of entrepreneur and a different kind of team to build successful product software, what I like to call the product software DNA. In a series of 4 posts I am going to share my personal take on what it takes to be a product software company founder. Here’s the first.

A “Junoon”

Junoon is a beautiful urdu word that most aptly defines the kind of passion one needs to have to be start and build a product software company.

Building a software product starts with an idea that quickly grips the founder, it becomes a passion that borders on the fanatical. If you can be persuaded to do something different, you are not yet smitten!

The passion of the founder selling the vision of product idea is really what the first set of customers and the first investors buy. It’s what attracts other to give up the comfort of secure jobs and careers and join the start-up team. When you describe your idea, is this passion shining through or are you trying so hard to make sure you make the idea look good to your audience. Remember, you are going to have to ask employees, investors and customers to take risks and walk across a rickety bridge to the ‘promised land’. If you don’t share the kind of conviction that Moses had you will find others unwilling to follow you.  

99% of product software businesses fail to realise their founder’s dreams. If you know this and yet you set down this path, you can be sure of one thing - times will be tough and there will be more bad days than good ones. You will lose more deals than you will win, investors will be unconvinced and employees will leave half way through. Each such day, it is this all consuming passion that keeps you going. It’s what keeps you trying yet again. It’s what will bring you back to work each morning.

If you are a product software company founder, you are incomprehensibly mad to take a unknown path when a perfectly good safe road exists. That’s why I call it Junoon!

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