Why Emotional Intelligence is important?

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Motivated, determined and hardworking are few of the traits that generally describe leadership qualities. However, what differentiates a best leader from others is his emotional intelligence (EI) quotient. Leaders with high level of EI are capable of understanding and managing the emotions of those around them, which makes them more relatable, aware and influential. The level of a leaders’ emotional intelligence directly affects the organization’s work efficiency and productivity. The following reasons throw light on why leaders should work on their emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness: Higher level of emotional intelligence helps a leader to be aware of his emotions and he perceives actions and reactions to situations as they arise. This dynamic skill helps even the brightest leaders to tackle problems in a better way and avoid complications.

Emotional Management: Emotional intelligence helps leaders to be aware of their emotions and manage them better. Hence, leaders with high emotional intelligence react in a calculated way and never end up taking wrong or hasty decisions.

Effective Communication: Emotionally intelligent leaders possess the skills to communicate in an effective way that inspires their listeners. Thus, employees stay motivated and enthusiastic under such leaders.

Social Awareness: Emotional intelligence brings with it awareness towards the emotions of people around us. By using this knowledge, a leader is able to relate to his employees and give them a meaningful feedback with empathy.

Conflict Resolution: Leaders who are calm and in control of their emotions can regulate any conflicts and disagreements in a proper direction smoothly, as they understand & appreciate both the perspectives involved in a conflict and come out with the apt solutions.

Henceforth, Emotional intelligence at workplace is an art of combining positive emotional impulses, personal & interpersonal skills and workforce competencies together for achieving success

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