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Hire To Retire Made Easy

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The Most Comprehensive HR Software on Cloud

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Easy-to-Start HR Management Software

Easy to Start

  • The most complete HR solution at the click of a button
  • Just Click-n-Go-live
  • Your existing data is uploaded onto our systems
  • Simple and the most cost and time effective

EmployWise has everything you will ever need to begin your hire to retire employee Life Cycle. It's plug-n-play modules let you start with what you need now and add on as you grow. You are up and running in no time. Just answer a few simple questions when our implementation team reaches out to you;

And Voila! You are then ready to go! 

No need to spend on expensive consultants and spend enormous amount of time to explain things over and over again!

Easy to Use

  • EmployWise gives the Power-to-the-People
  • Log in Anytime, Anywhere
  • Buy a seat not a plane; Pay for what you use
  • Get the value of A Dollar for a cent

Your employees will love how easy it is to use EmployWise. It gives them the ability to manage their own information and access team information when they need to! No more chasing paper and people; no more pain of data-entry! All you have is the latest information.

Since we are hosted on the IBM Cloud, your employees can work from anywhere, anytime. Take as much as you need and pay only for what you use.

Your cash-flow and balance sheet will both love EmployWise.

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Best HR Management Software

Easy to Grow With

  • You ask we build
  • Grows with you and gets better: Every Week
  • Never gets old.

When you take EmployWise, you join a growing and vibrant community where members share ideas and tell us what more they need from us. Your suggestions make our product roadmap. If you need something more, just ask for it and we will put in on the roadmap.

New features release every Monday, not once a year! We keep getting better with the growth in the Industry. EmployWise implements industry best practices and brings them to you through it's weekly new feature release program. EmployWise is also your best protection against technology obsolescence as we cover that for you too.

Clients Love Us

EmployWise Features

An HR System You Can Build-As-You-Go

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    HR Manager
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    New Employee / Team Member

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