Harmonizing HR
Operations & Payroll

Reduce the time your team spends on mundane HR operations activities and unlock tremendous value through seamless workflows and powerful analytics.

Our HR Operations & Payroll stack is designed to optimise the management of operational workflows to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning and provide deep insights through powerful dashboards and analytics.

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Leave and Attendance

Track Leave and Attendance in a Click

Keep track of time and attendance across the organization. Help maximise employee productivity by providing access to simple yet cutting edge technology with advanced analytics and insights.

  • Flexible leave and calendar configuration.
  • Real time integration with biometric systems along with facial recognition, geo-tagging, and geo-fencing for attendance.
  • Comprehensive solutions for managing remote and hybrid working.
  • Auto-reminders that help streamline payroll processing.
Leave and Attendance
Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

Robust Compensation & Benefits Management

Easy end-to-end compensation and benefits administration. The module’s value lies in complete self service compensation visibility and workflows, ensuring employees have transparent access to their earnings and other benefits.

  • Keep Track of Compensation History.
  • Leveraged Algorithms for CTC Breakups.
  • Administered Co-pays and Contingent Benefits.
  • Actualized Self-serve CTC Claim Management.
  • Powerful Analytics such as Compensation Maps and Compa Ratio Analysis.

Get Insightful Analytics and Maximize Productivity

To streamline workflows, get powerful business intelligence, and improve employee experience.

Employee Separation

Part on a Positive Note

Make exit formalities smooth. Experience a seamless separation process that saves you time and effort and improves employee experience.

  • Automate notice period workflows with highly configurable rules and policies.
  • Gather useful feedback using a robust exit interview process.
  • Seamless clearance process linked with no dues statement and full & final settlement.
Employee Separation
Payroll and Taxation

Payroll and Taxation

Optimize Payroll and Taxation Processes with Ease

Move to a fully integrated payroll process that saves time and gives you greater control. Ensure 100% statutory compliance and get reduce compliance related hassles.

  • One click payroll processing with automatic integration with leave & attendance, compensation and separation data.
  • Complete investment declaration workflow with dynamic changes to tax computation.
  • Auto computation of arrears for changes affecting past payroll periods.
  • Configure your Payroll heads from simple or complex formula based ones and select from a library of country specific statutory heads.

Travel and Expense

Travel Requests and Expense Claims On-the- Go

Make business travel seamless both for employees and finance/HR teams using our integrated travel & expense module.

  • Travel requisition workflow including transport & accommodation requirements and travel advances.
  • Automatic linkage of travel requests with expense claims; policy deviations can have additional approvals. 
  • Interfaces for finance team, admin/travel desk.
  • Mobile enabled expense claim filing for travel, local conveyance, and other expenses.
Travel and Expense

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