Employee Data Management, Simplified

Demystify and de-clutter your employee data. Use powerful analytics to provide context to identify trends, mitigate risks and gain clarity on how your organization is structured.

Create a strong foundation for an agile organization and manage a diverse workforce with highly configurable processes and workflows. 

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Employee Data Management and Organizational Structure

Create a flexible organizational structure that allows matrix reporting and efficient workflow management that offers: 

  • Policy configuration based on organizational parameters .
  • Dynamic organogram with profile details .
  • ‘Talent Finder’ that searches across 15+ fields of employee data.
  • Alumni details stored; in case of a rejoin, automatic linking of profile.
  • Document library integrated with employee profile.
  • Templatized letter generation tool for HR.
Employee Data Management
Asset Management

Robust Asset Management

End-to-end asset management within the HR system eliminates the need for manual tracking or a separate asset management system. It helps to:

  • Define asset categories, types, and maintain a centralized repository.
  • Simplify asset requisition and issuance workflows.
  • Seamlessly link with separation clearances, triggering automatic alerts for clearance owners.

Organize Seamlessly, Empower Effortlessly

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Probation and Confirmation Management 

Automate all confirmation related processes and stay on top of all employee status changes. EmployWise allows you to: 

  • Customize confirmation rules for various employee groups.
  • Control extension limits for confirmation periods.
  • Design assessment questionnaires for self and supervisor evaluations.
  • Ensure compliance through a detailed notification and escalation framework.
Probation and Confirmation Management 

Demystify Your People Structure

Navigate the complexity of hundreds of data points for each employee with ease to gain useful insights and sight trends!

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