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Performance Management System

Optimize Performance and Drive Growth

Enhance performance, streamline processes, and foster growth with our Performance Management Module that offers:

  • Multi-level Goal Definition Role-Goal Maps.
  • 360 Degree Feedback Available – Self, Subordinates, Colleagues and Supervisor.
  • Holistic View of Individual and Group Achievement.
  • Qualified Productivity for Informed Decision-Making
  • Simplified Succession and Growth Planning.
Performance Management System

Faster Appraisal Closure​

Efficient system compiles company-wide performance data, saving HR time. Ensures discretion, controls timeline violations, enhancing employee satisfaction.

Progressive Change​

Flexible configuration Multiple performance management methodologies allow you to easily innovate and adapt to best practices like balance scorecard and 9-box grid.​

Growth Planning

Appraisers can make confidential projections for employee career growth which automatically links to the internal recruitment process.

Learning and Development

Holistic Trainings Aligned with Internal and External Programs

Ensure the efficiency of your team with the holistic training program inventories.

  • Holistic Training Program Inventories.
  • Feedback-Integrated Learning & Development.
  • Tailored Role-competency Mapping.
  • User-initiated Program Requests.
  • Efficient Planning and Budgeting with Calendaring.


Manage Tasks with Ease

Experience the ease of recording your tasks and quantifying your team’s efforts with Timesheets. Help your team clock their time and efforts in efficient and seamless manner.

  • Allocate, Define, and Manage Tasks Efficiently.
  • Seamless Tracking of the Billable and Non-billable Hours.
  • Quantify their Efforts, Identify Challenges Surrounding Projects.
  • Amplify your Productivity.

Cultivate Excellence, Propel Growth

EmployWise cultivates people success. Let’s ignite growth and cultivate excellence side by side!

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