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10 Reasons Why EmployWise is the best HRMS



Employwise is a HRMS that offers everything you will ever need

EmployWise is a complete Human Resources Management System Software (HRMS). Hire-to-Retire and everything in between covering the entire life-cycle of an employee. It's plug-n-play modules let you start with what you need now and add more modules as you grow.



Just Click-n-Go-live                                                       

With EmployWise you are up and running in no time. That is why it is the best Human Resources Management System Software (HRMS) today. Just answer a few simple  questions and upload data from your existing spreadsheets and you are ready to go. No expensive consultants to whom you have to explain things over and over again.   



No other HRMS offers the ease-of-use like Employwise. Your employees will love how easy it is to use EmployWise. It gives them the ability to manange their own information and access team  information  when they need to. With EmployWise they no longer waste time chasing paper and people. And you always have the most recent and accurate data without the pain of data-entry.


A Cloud-based HRMS: Anytime, AnywhereFour

EmployWise is liberating. People can work from anywhere, anytime. It is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System Software (HRMS). From office or home and while on the move. Weave together all your people into one system no matter which location they work in.


FiveAn HRMS that Grows with you

Employwise is the only HRMS that grows with you. Whether you have 5 or 50,000 people, Employwise works and grows with you. Add modules as you need them and configure them to the simplest to very complex HR policies. And all of this without any time and money spent on "customisations".



Buy a seat not a planeSix

Take as much as you need and pay only for what you take. No buying hardware and software, no hiring expensive implementation consulting, no AMCs year after year and no paying for customisations and upgrades. Employwise is the only HRMS where you have a simple and low subscription charge for each module you use. Your cash-flow and balance sheet will both love Employwise. 


SevenA Dollar for a cent

When you subscribe to EmployWiseTM you get the same system that a Fortune 500 company pays millions to buy. EmployWise™ is a Human Resources Management System that is built on best IBM technology and hosted on the IBM Cloud. And you get millions of dollars worth of technology for just a few dollars.



EightWinning you Everyday

With no long term contracts holding you down Employwise needs to win your trust everyday - this is what drives our Customer Success team. We work tirelessly to build online knowledge resources and ensure all your questions are answered as quickly as possbile. We will not stop until you love our product, and that is our commitment to you.


NineYou ask we build

When you take the HRMS solution that is Employwise, you also join a growing and vibrant community where members share ideas and tell us what more they need from EmployWise. Your suggestions make our product roadmap. If you need something more, just ask for it and we will put in on the roadmap.




Getting Better: Every Week

New feature releases every Monday, not once a year! As new and better ways of doing things come-up, EmployWise brings them to you through it's weekly new feature release program ensuring that things you haven't thought of and we haven't built will be in there soon too without your having to pay for them. EmployWise is also your best protection against technology obsolesence as we cover that for you too. And in case you are wondering, all of this is seamless and automatic without any "migration" migraines.
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