K Gnyandeep


Gnyandeep Kantipudi

Gnyandeep is a postgraduate with an MBA and B.Com (H). He has been a successful entrepreneur with international exposure and over 33 years experience.

He started on his entrepreneurial journey in 1991 by establishing two international trading companies in Hong Kong. The two companies successfully exported various Chinese manufactured products to several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He sold off the two companies in 2002 after which he moved back to Delhi, India to pursue business opportunities in India.

In 2005, Abir Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. was incorporated, where he was one of the promoters. Abir is a leading technology, engineering and construction company in India that has executed very significant hydro electrical and thermal projects in the country. It has built the largest hydropower projects in India, including Teesta Hydro Power generating 1,200 MW of electricity. Gnyandeep served as the Managing Director of the company and led the company to achieve several engineering and construction milestones.

Gnyandeep is an investor and mentor to several companies, including EmployWise